Triunfo Canyon Vineyards is 9 acres high in the Santa Monica Coastal mountains, land we think is some of the most beautiful in world, where we live and hand tend the vines for all of our estate grown grapes. Situated along the Triunfo Creek, the canyon is historically linked to the El Camino Real as well as the stage coach lines that traveled the coast of California.

Several miles and 900 feet above the coastline of Malibu California, the land is close enough to the ocean to receive wonderfully refreshing cool breezes from the Pacific Ocean each night in balance with ample days of legendary California sun and heat. This perfect combination helps us nurture and produce each varietal of our spectacular grapes.

In 2000, when we first started to plan our vineyard, Triunfo Canyon Vineyards represented the culmination of a lifelong desire to grow our own grapes so that we could create world class, hand crafted, artisan wines. Over the next few years, as we cleared the ground, set about getting water, establishing the vineyard, mending fences and finally planting the 1st block of vines, we discovered that the hard work, little stumbles and sometimes unexpected setbacks were in fact part of what has made this labor of love all the better. And now, as we add each new block of vines, we strive to use the lessons we have learned over the years to continue on our quest to truly master the art of fine winemaking.

We hope that you will find as much enjoyment in our wines as we have had in bringing them and our dream to reality.

Laura & Steve Gilbard, Proprietors, Triunfo Canyon Vineyards.
Estate grown hand crafted award winning artisan wines